Plug-ins and other stuff…

We have two (2) new plugins ready but we wont release them just yet since we need to sort out our EULA and other details first. But here’s some teaser pics of our new babies:

Noisebud Binvert 2.0
2Noisebud Binvert 2 2013-12-04 152600.bmp

Noisebud GranMa 2.0
2Noisebud GranMa 2.0 2013-12-04 153631.bmp

Binvert now has a ADSR to control that extra bass (if you want to, it’s toggle-able) and GranMa now got a timer, freeze function and the record button flash when the plugin gets audio.

Besides these new toys we’re busy as hell with thousands of projects. This EP will be released as soon we’re finished building our new mastering room.

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