This video speaks for itself! =)

What the video doesn’t say is that it is a WIP and there’s no ETA and so far it’s just the new version of Steijing and it will also be available as a Windows 64Bit… But… other than that, see the video!

New plugins!

Here are two new, fresh and juicy plugins for all of you creative creatures out there!

First the fun one, SichEQ. SichEQ is a frequency side-chained dynamic equalizer. It’s made to have fun with but you can use it for de-essing or other traditional dynamic EQ tasks… But really, use TDR Nova or other less crazy plugins for those things and use SichEQ for the fun of it.¬†Here’s a track made using SichEQ on everything except the drums!

SichEQ come as a bonus item when you donate for the All Plugins Bundle.

You can read more (and watch some videos) about SichEQ here…


Steijing¬†is a plugin made to adjust the balance between the left and right channel while mastering, it’s also our first 64bit release.

Read more about it here!!!