New VST upgrades – GranMa 2.0 & Binvert 2.0

All our VST plugins will be donate-ware from now on and to try our new license model we’ve released two plugin upgrades.

GranMa 2.0
2Noisebud GranMa 2.0 2013-12-04 153631.bmp

Changlelog GranMa 2.0:

  • Added a simple Freeze button
  • Added a timer so you know the length of the buffer (Feature request from user)
  • Changed the behavior of the release
  • Made the playback engine a bit more smooth (less glitch, clips and crackle)
  • Dry/Wet control make more sence

 Binvert 2.0
 2Noisebud Binvert 2 2013-12-04 152600.bmp

Changlelog Binvert 2.0:

  • You can now disable the resonator in both bands
  • Added a simple brick wall limiter
  • Added a bypass button, easier handling for mastering purposes
  • Added a side chained ADSR
  • Added the ability to totally turn off the bands
  • Added a incoming gain button
  • Added wet / dry control

There’s a free download, fully functional and 100% to use both privately and commercially but with one difference, they’re black and white. To get the color version you need to donate. When you donate you’ll get the download links for all the donation-ware so as time pass by and we release more plugins you’ll have a better and better deal. If you already donated and want a future upgrade or plugin, just e-mail us your Pay Pal transaction info and we’ll send it to you.