Changes in our VST donation system

Our plugins recently got pirated and because of that we have to make some changes in the way we set up the donation system. At first we thought we’d just go back to develop for our own needs but the quality of our plugins have benefit so much from user interaction and we enjoy all the ideas and comments sent to us from all over the world so we decided we don’t want to go back underground.

Here’s the changes we came up with:

All plugins Bundle

• We’re going to create a new “All Plugins” donation package about every 6 months.
• If you already donated you will be offered the new package for a small fee (this time its $3.99)
• You can skip 6 months or a year or two and take the current extend-offer when you feel there’s something you really want to support/have so there’s no rush.
• During the 6 months you get every new plugin or update we do.
• You can’t choose the donation amount no more, it will be a set amount.

  • Single Products
    • There will be a Free version of all upcoming plugins, not to far from the donation version or it might be the previous full version
    • You can’t choose the donation amount no more, it will be a set amount
    • Updates will be included for 6 months (both bug fixes and new versions), after that you’ll have to donate again.

We think we created a fair system that will keep us spending our free time behind a computer screen developing strange, fun and usable plugins for the world and hopefully get enough donations to pay for new software licenses and equipment needed to continue.
Please  comment and/or suggest changes if you think the system could improve further!

Do you have the old bundle and want to upgrade for $3.99?

Contact us with info from your previous donation receipt (Paypal e-mail and/or transaction ID) to extend your bundle for 6 months. We’ll contact you with information about how to pay and get your downloads.