Norbergfestival 2013

One week have passed since the 14th Norbergfestival and according to press, artists and the visitors it has been the best Norbergfestival in its 14 year history and we’re proud to been a part of the amazing crew that made it happen. We will continue to support and work with the festival but not at the same level as we been for the two past years, we need to focus on our own projects and we feel that we leave our duties in safe hands. Expect more from Noisebud ahead as we start to cut all external projects and collaborations.

Read more about the festival at the festivals page:

The 2013 lineup:

Anna Petrini (SE)
AnnaoJohanna (SE)
Ceephax Acid Crew (UK)
Chevel (IT)
comb|netor (SE/BY)
Current Value (DE)
Cut Hands (UK)
Daniel Araya (SE)
Daniel Borgegård Älgå (SE)
David Granström (SE)
Dead Fader (UK)
Diamond Version (DE)
Differnet (SE)
DJ Poison Creeper (UK)
Dr One (SE)
Dror Feiler (SE)
Ekrosjävlarna (SE)
Femme En Fourrure (FI)
Filip Ja (DK)
Finn of Tomland (SE)
Girilal Baars (SE)
Gore Tech (UK)
Grouper (US)
Halldór Úlfarsson (IS)
Helene Hedsund (SE)
Hybris (CZ)
Hästköttskandalen (SE)
i/dex (BY)
Inade (DE)
Jan Liljekvist (SE)
Johannes Björn (SE)
Johannes Wikström (SE)
Julien Bayle (FR)
Karin Hellqvist (SE)
Klapmotifonstativ (DK)
Knyst (SE)
Lana Lain (SE/RU)
Lars Åkerlund (SE)
Lee Gamble (UK)
Lettera 22 (IT)
Lise-Lott Norelius (SE)
Lodbrok (SE)
Louise Magnusson (SE)
Lower Order Ethics (HU)
Magnus Johansson (SE)
Manx (SE)
Marcus Wrangö (SE)
Mark Archer (UK)
Mark Fell (UK)
Mary Velo (CA/DE)
Masskultur DJ Set (SE)
Mattias Petersson (SE)
Mattias Sköld (SE)
Maya Lourenço (SE)
Missaw (UK)
Navnlaust Monster Opptog (DK)
Ndrf (DK)
Niamh de Barra (IE)
Nikka (ES)
Origami Galaktika (NO)
Otto Von Schirach (US)
Oyaarss (LT)
Peter Benish (SE)
Phaedrus, Alex MØrch & Mads Engell (DE)
Piak (SE)
Prurient (US)
Puce Mary (DK)
Per Åhlund (SE)
Pär Johansson (SE)
Ris och Ros (SE)
Rrose (US)
S100 (SE)
Selffish (LV)
Senko (DE)
Sherwood & Pinch (UK)
Skegg Eklektro (SE)
Skudge (SE)
Snakethread (SE)
Sparkly Pony (SE)
Spatial Opera Company: Confessions (SE)
Special Request / Paul Woolford (UK)
Stellar OM Source (NL) <-CANCELLED
Sören Runolf (SE)
Tarek Atoui (LE)
The Doubtful Guest (UK)
The Haggish Moue (SE)
The Haxan Cloak (UK)
Thomas Köner (DE)
Tommy Wahlström (SE)
Towlie (SE)
Trepaneringsritualen (SE)
Varg (SE)
Venetian Snares (CA)
Weltwirschafft (SE)
Ättestupa (SE)

Frida Vega Salomonsson (SE)
Current Current (SE)
Veqtor (SE)
Some Planet (SE)

Azure Oasis (SE)
Emille De

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