Wigware and Ambisonics

It seems it’s a bit of a hype to make Ambisonic mixes at the moment, everybody is doing it and that include us. We use Reaper for mixing (and for the rest of the production in most cases) and since it is one of the most versatile software when it comes to routing signals it makes it perfect for Ambisonics. The setup which we ended up with was reaper running a set of free plug-ins from Bruce Wiggins, he named his series of Ambisonic plug-ins WigWare and he have set up a great site with tutorials to get you started. It seems hard at first sight but once you get your head around the concept it’s actually easier than mixing in stereo. Our guess is that this is the future when it comes to recording and mixing for film.

Noisebud says; Ditch ProTools, Cubase and Logic (because they suck) go and get ya’ll a copy of REAPER:

WigWare and Bruce Wiggins:

And when you realize what all this is you will have to go out and buy 20 new pairs of your favourite studio monitor. Happy mixing! =)

5 thoughts on “Wigware and Ambisonics

  1. It’d be great to hear the work :-) If you want a copy of some 2nd order plug-ins, let me know (greater spatial acuity)…I’d need to know the speaker arrangement used for the work, though ;-)

  2. Ah, hello Bruce! You found our little post, the Internet makes the world really small. =)

    Sol used your plugins to mix one of her contemporary pieces for the multi channel venue Audiorama here in Stockholm. And I will help the Berlin based group “Vinyl, terror and horror” mix a piece for the same venue at EMS next month. And I’m planning to do a Ambisonic mix of our side project Memo Cassette’s last album.
    Let us know if you would like a copy of Sol’s piece and I will ask Vinyl, terror and horror if you can have a copy of their piece as well!

    EMS (the Swedish version) – http://www.elektronmusikstudion.se/
    Audiorama – http://audiorama.se/?lang=en
    Vinyl, terror and horror – http://vinylterrorandhorror.com
    Memo Cassette – http://www.memocassette.se/

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