CatchDad 2.5 in the pipeline

We’re about to compile the first Release Candidate for CatchDad 2.5 which hopefully means that we will have a 100% working update in a couple of weeks. There’s some long awaited features on the list, most features is a respond to requests from users (except the free time thing, that’s all Johannes and no one else seems to need this?!).

Here’s what’s coming:
1. You can now set the amount of steps between 1-16. Isorhythmic heaven!
2. We added a simple Shuffle engine to make it Schwiiiing!
3. You can set the tempo to Free or Sync to host. If set to free you control the tempo with a knob (Johannes says WOOOOOOT!)
4. You can now set the length of the auto-rec to a fixed time between 500 ms – 10 sec.
5. Several outputs, AND WE LISTENED, we made it possible to send one seq to all outs… or one… or two. We know this wont fit¬†everybody’s needs, some prefer radio buttons, but this is way more versatile (thanks for the idea).

Plus some minor bug fixes and improvements which is all too techy to be interesting.

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