Norberg Festival 2011

We’re home again after a 3 intensive days of electronic mayhem. We have seen an equal portion of geniuses and pure crap. Geniuses are good cause you get inspired to do better, crap is even better since you get that feeling that you’re the fucking king of music and can do everything better and the fools should have booked you instead. The fact that you can leave the stage and grab a beer without the feeling that you’re missing something ain’t to bad either.  We have to do something about the Laptop plague though, kudos to Sickboy who use a laptop as most people but still put on a show,  jump up jump up jump up and get down! And hey Sickboy, if you read this; Excellent drivin’, Thank you!


Video taken from the 6th anniversary event at Hof Ter Lo, Antwerp, Belgium.

Marcus, yes, you stared at the screen but you’re excused!
We didn’t go to the 8-bit scene to see you dance in a bunny suit, we went there to enjoy your intermedia piece which we did, especially the visually part which was the best on the whole festival. Thank you for that!

Marcus Wrangö performs his piece Plusminusnoll

After a bunch of laptop staring Computer Jockeys it was a shot in the arm to see London based act Tapes play cassette tapes as if it was the most natural thing in the world. He had a flow in his mixes that most computer based DJ’s totally lack.

Tapes with his lunch box with cassettes

Katt Hernandez in Mimer with visuals by Wolfgang Lehmann, one of Sol's favorites visual wise

See you there in 2012!

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