sound of stockholm

Is a music festival for contemporary music that started last year in november.
It was a huge success for everyone and we got to hear many beautiful pieces played by excellent musicians.

I know october seems far away just when you start thinking about spring and everything, but… I mention it now anyways so if you haven’t been in Stockholm or Sweden, this could be a good time to go! This year it will take place 18 October – 22 October 2011
for more info visit their website:

One of the initiators is the composer Henrik Strinberg
He was a founding memeber of the progressive rock group Ragnarök.  Ragnarök has reunited and the new cd “Path” was very well received when released on a French label 2008.

I also wanna share this  excerpt from the beautiful  piece by Henrik Strindberg first performed in 2006. I’m not shure when this is recorded or by whom it is played but anyway, it’s truly beautiful.

Neptune’s Field

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