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circle of blood

Is a graphic novel by David Mack,  first published in 1994.
It has great artwork which I could probably best describe as a mix between traditional western style and manga.
A while back we wrote about Frank Miller’s Ronin and if you liked it, you can’t go far wrong with this.

It all takes place in Japan. The future. A new age of corporate feudalism. The worlds of business, organized crime, and politics now exist in a delicate interdependence. Enter the Noh, a government agency that secretly polices that balance of worlds.

Kabuki, an operative of the Noh, becomes deeply affected by the death of her mother and can only relate to the world through the safety of a mask. She embarks on a quest to come to terms with her family, history, culture, and her mother’s death …even if her personal crusade brings her in direct conflict with the powers she serves.

A mix of historical mythology, political intrigue, corporate espionage, and familial duty, elegantly told through the haunting lens of a child’s fairy tale.
The first chapter in one of the most critically acclaimed comic series of the nineties.

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