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– Ronin

A graphic novel by Frank Miller and colorist Lynn Varley.

In 1983, Frank Miller had established himself as an innovator in comic books. He moved over to DC for a unique experiment combining cyberpunk and traditional samurai film called Ronin. Borrowing heavily from the very same movies that Miller no doubt avidly viewed as a youngster, the book’s setting is split between dream-like ancient Japan and a future New York City where buildings sprawl over the comic page like living creatures.

The plot is very simple and complex all at once.
visit http://dailypop.wordpress.com/2010/02/20/frank-millers-ronin/ .
He does a very good resume of it all.
It’s a personal favourite that stucked in my mind for a long time after reading it a first time, then it’s even better once you get back to it again. Both the story and the artwork is just amazing.
But then again, what Frank Miller comic aren’t?

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