” …Another word for unprofessional.

In music when you do something new, something original, you’re an amateur.
Your imitators – they’re the professionals.
It’s theese imitators who are interested not in what the artist did but the means he used to do it.

This is where craft emerges as an absolute, an autoritarian position that divorces itself from the ceative impulse of the originator.
The imitator is the greatest enemy of originality.” / Morton Feldman

Tip of the day if you’re up for some reading:

Give my regards to eighth street – collected writings of Morton Feldman.
It’s easy and funny to read even if you don’t know any of his music. He’ll talk about it and get you inspired to at least google it or find it on youtube or spotify. It’s not just for music nerds but for anyone who enjoys well thought thru persons. His music can be described as; rhythms which seem to be free and floating; pitch shadings which seem softly unfocused; a generally quiet and slowly evolving music; recurring asymmetric patterns.


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