A tip for Mac users

We get a lot of Mac versions requests of our VST’s. We decided long ago that we won’t put in the time needed to compile for Mac since we make plugins that we need our self’s and not to satisfy others (we use PC’s). At first we made them available since our friends wanted them and instead of send 50 people e-mails with updated versions we said hey, they’re on our site. Then Beat magazine wrote about one plugin, KVR published another and Computer Music delivered an issue with one of our plugins as a free gift, today we have thousands of users. This huge user base has a nice byproduct, other peoples minds… Your minds… We get new ideas, feature requests, bug reports (and a welcomed donation now and then) on a daily basis and even if we can’t create every single plugin or implement every feature request, lots of your ideas have been realized in our plugins and they do get better, we couldn’t done it ourselves! Thank you!

So, to the point, a friend of ours find this article telling you how to run PC VST’s on OSX. It seem to be a little bit of an effort to get it running but far from impossible so we thought someone out there might wanna give it a spin. Here’s the link: http://diaphone.blogspot.it/2010/12/11.html

And Joel, thanks for the tip!

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