Cutting Piece

cutting saw by Noisebud
cutting saw a photo by Noisebud on Flickr.

While attending the sirén festival in Gothenburg last weekend we got to experience Cutting piece by David Sabel. A truly fun and meaningless hour. We enjoyed it very much. He also played the buchla for about 6 groovy minutes right before we started playing.
Our camera stood us up so unfortunately we don’t have much to show but better luck next time. We will play again at the end of April here in Visby and we recommend you to experience spring at Gotland at least once in your lifetime so if you’re up to it, come visit us!

What else is happening?
A lot of preparation for the upcoming music festival Ljudvågor. It’s all about contemporary music and all the pieces performed are written by students from Gotlands tonsättarskola.
Date: May 18th – 21
Place: Visby, Gotland

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