World Listening Day 2011 – Soundwalk

We did a soundwalk july 17th 2011 and it turned out to be very rewarding, interesting and fun for all participants. Basically you can do a soundwalk in three different ways; The first most people think about is to walk around while listen to prerecorded speach or sounds(very common in museums). Then there’s the type of soundwalk which is very interactive – record sounds while you walk. Last week I saw this in one of the larger foodstores in Stockholm, it’s actually for the kids to entertain themselves so mum and dad can take their time shopping (?!) Then there’s the most basic type of soundwalk  when you just use your ears and maybe a pen and paper to write down thoughts and reflections about what you actually experience in your surrounding

This basic use-your-ear kinda walk was the one we did a sunday evening at 9pm. Below we’ll do a short briefing of the walk itself. There would be little point to tell you my own experiences since they are mine and you may not at all hear or get affected by the same things as myself. Instead we decided to give you the opportunity to actually do the soundwalk yourself, alone or with friends, that’s all up to you.  Just right click on the map and save link as…

 We met at Mosebacke Torg 9pm. You could feel the rain in the air but we crossed our fingers and started exploring the sounds from the fountain. I think we were about twelve people and one dog to continue down hill towards Götgatan.

Click here for a short recording of the Fountain at Mosebacke Square.

Yep, here we are..or some of us. This particular evening there were quite a lot of noise, different languages, airplanes, cars,birds and bikes. This street is one of Stockholms oldest

Audio snippet from Götgatan

 Entering Ragvaldsgatan. Here’s a very small playground outside the school Södra Latin. A music school well-known for breeding some of the to become elite of swedish music. Back to the playground! It has three types of foundations. First asphalt then the sand takes over until you pass a small wooden staircase with a really nice hollow sound to it. Then back to sand, asphalt and an well curb of iron.

Audio snippet from Ragvaldsgatan

 Each picture represents every location pointed out on the map. Just click and download it before you decide to try out this little soundexperience. The walk takes about an hour if you’re alone but for us ten walking in it’s own pace it took about 1.5h.

Crosswalk inferno at Björngårdsgatan

 on the corner you’ll hear theese two fans.

Fan suprise at Swedenborgsgatan

 On the corner… is a great record by Miles Davis from 1972. When you get home listen to it. But first, try to identify what the sound is, where does it come from and how far away can you hear it?

What is that? at Timmermansgatan

This is the last stop for the evening before we get together at the park of Mariatorget just close by. Step inside and listen to the environment we created for ourselves here. Are there any constant sounds at all?

Subway station Mariatorget western entrance

Why we decided to hang out in the park for a while afterwards not only fto talk but also because there’s a soundinstallation here made by Björn Hellström. It’s all about sound ecology, not wanting to disturb the already existing sounds in the park but to enhance them and by doing so reduce the traffic sounds close by. The park is sited just to Hornsgatan, which is the most frequent street in Stockholm.

The soundwalk was made to represent Stockholm at the World Listening Day 18th of July 2011. It is founded by Midwest Society for Acoustic Ecology


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