What is music anyway?

Since November last year Memo cassette has been one of our sideprojects and consists of Hans Nyman (guitar), Sol Andersson(laptop), Johannes Ahlberg (laptop) , Hampus Norén (laptop). We have had a lot of fun improvising and tried out real time composing with the guitar as our only soundsource.  We also talked about trying visuals to work in real time as well and so  Patrik Ohlsson (laptop/visuals) came to join us.

Now the time has come for our  first release which simply is called memo cassette and you can now listen to it on spotify.
The cd will be for sale very cheap in about a week. Maybe it hasn’t got the instant traditional hit-feeling, I can almost guarantee you that much but have a go (or rather three ) at it and hopefully you’ll find something interesting in there somewhere.
What is music anyway?

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