At the Norberg festival I met Nathalie Fougeras and we talked about a lot of things but also about collaborations.
It’s very rewarding to collaborate even though it never turns out the way you expected it to. But isn’t that the point? A lot of time it’s our own egos standing in our ways of freely creating , instead we find ourselves entangled in a web of thoughts about a lot of what if’s and  a lot of opinions about what the other person have or haven’t done etc.. This can be very tiresome and through the ages many of the most fantastic collaborations collapsed in a sad and pathetic pile of lawsuits.

But if you have the will to be and stay open minded you’re in for a ride! It can effect you in so many directions and give you things to really ponder, both on a personal and professional level. A lot of  composers that I talk to agrees that it ain’t too easy happily start working together either. It’s after all a real loner job 99% of the time. Seems it never really been encouraged to collab… why?

The 1% that’s left is when the work is premiered and there’s a concert or vernissage or something like it, then is when you meet people and let the others know what the fuck you’ve been doin’ all this time! Anyway..that’s why it was fun too meet Nathalie and hear about her work in Sollefteå, where she lives and works.

Sollefteå in the middle/northern region of Sweden in a town called . She runs the LAB gallery and develops opportunities to produce ideas and artworks in a collaborative way. Amongst other things she exhibits all collaborative artworks, performing live streaming, exhibition support and engaging mix audiences (in the spot and other audience through online programs and activities), and work with the local actors and the global audience and partners.

To me, as living and breathing Stockholm air every day, any place you can’t travel to with your bicycle or sl (Stockholms public transport service) is really far away but if you thought nothing’s happening outside Stockholm you better think again!

Between 22 August – 15 September there will be an Online performance + Sound installation called Walking Between Them it’s a collaboration between Nathalie Figoueras and Daniel Nilsson. This time it’s an Interactive Sound installation in situ – on the window -working with the street walking Plates and waterfall sound recording transformed.
See the links below for more info: 

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