Thank you grumpy politicians and all who came to our first gig

This friday we played our first live set with exclusively Noisebud material. Actually it was the first gig where we played songs from our releases ever. The gig was supposed to be outdoors but as we mentioned in an earlier post the local authorities said no. “No” is not always a bad thing, in this case we thank the grumpy politicians  since the rain where poring down and we’d have been pretty alone and soaked if we had played in the park. Instead of soaking wet and alone we had a small but great audience which seemed to enjoy the journey through our dozens of electronic music styles, and according to the audiences response we did a good job interpret our songs live  from behind the bar at Högkvarteret. Thank you all who showed up, we had a great time!

Photo taken by Anna Gavanas

We hope we can get hold of some of the video that where shoot by people in the audience, this picture is all we have from the gig so far.

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