Baltic Sea Festival 2011

We’re a bit late with this post… We’ve been so busy lately that this post where pushed forward until it was almost to late. We’re bad, sorry about that.

The festival started this Saturday and this year they present a respectable line up with conductors, soloists and ensembles… And us…
(for more info about participating people, check the link below).

To broaden the musical spectra they invited a couple of alternative DJ’s and performers to entertain the festival visitors after the concerts, we will be playing records and Hans Nyman from the project Memo Cassette might join us for a short interaction between a guitar, live electronics and records in real time. We haven’t rehearsed anything so this will be an electro-acoustic jam never heard before (and never heard again).

We’ll play everything from John Cage to  Noisia, let’s see how that goes…

Check it out:

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