Harry Partch

Everyone should have a go at Harry Partch music, at least once.
You may not like the sound at first (probably it will sound terrible) but we found him very inspiring in his search for his own sound. Something he really thought sounded good and right to his ears and mind. He didn’t stop at coming up with new microtonal scales, he also built his own instrument based upon theese scales. You can look,listen and play on them here.
Also, it’s always a great relief when people tend to to their own thing.  Tom Waits talks about his favourite records of all time in an article from The Guardian and Harry Partch Collection Vol 1 (New World Records, 2004)  is one of them.

We found a 59min long documentary by Darren Chesworth from 2002.
It’s a good introduction to his music and life as a hobo. Enjoy!
The Outsider: The Story of Harry Partch


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