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About two weeks ago we wrote about the art project Face to Facebook. Have a go at it if you don’t know what it is!
I believe they had great fun doing it but maybe not so great fun having to defend it later on.


Anyway, did some reading this morning and came across  Ursula Endlicher’s video performance piece Facebook Re-enactments (2009).  Having done earlier work about online identity in the late 1990s she decided to dig further into network stuctures, identities and online behavior.

It’s based on four names from the location1 project in 2009 including her own name Ursula Endlicher. OK, so what did she do then?


1. Take theese four names and search them on fb
2. Based on found info about each person she then restage and re-enact scenarios in RL/in front of a camera
3.  The result: Digital Video Installation:Digital Video,    19 minutes; Video Installation: Monitor plus digital prints. 

Check it out at Ursula Endlicher’s homepage:


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