Sol’s solo debut and a panner

Sol have been working on her live set for a long time and finally her solo project had her debut on stage.  She’s about to record her first EP. She will record it live and direct, we’re both a bit bored doing studio productions, live is so much more fun. When we got to the venue (Kulturhuset in Stockholm) Sols face was all over the place, it felt a bit weird,  when Sol does something she do it big. We’ll soon post snippets of her music so you can have a listen.


And: We just built a panner for an 8 speaker circle setup for Lemur. Since we couldn’t find any existing working panner we created our own. With some help with the math from our friend Magnus Danielsson we where able to make it happen and we will probably make an VST so that all you need to do is to map a X/Y pad and your on your way.