Helgen innan löning!

Tonight at 7 pm at BAS in Bandhagen, Stockholm we’re invited to play at an event called Helgen Innan Löning. We’ll do an impro set with pianist Johan Zakrisson and saxophonist Fredrik Ljungkvist. Although we’re tired from an intense two weeks and just recently got home from Münich, Germany we really look forward to do this.

We just met Fredrik for about half an hour where we just kinda made sounds together and decided that we’d do total free impro… so that’s  cool. We’ll record the session and if it’s good enough you’ll hear it in a few weeks.

In Münich we played with our laptop quartet Memo Cassette at a really great stage called Offene Ohren, not only were everything excellent prepared but the crowd was great too! We recommend everyone to go there if you pass Münich.

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