Know your EAM pt2

In our first part of this serie we wrote a little bit about Wendy Carlos , her work with and for the moog synth and also briefly about her record Beauty In The Beast . Today I just had to continue with the versatile composer and musician Pierre Henry (b.1927).

Together with Pierre Schaeffer, Henry was one of the founding fathers of musique concrète.
He In 1952, Henry produced the first musique concrète ever commissioned for commercial films when he scored Jean Grémillon’s Astrologie. In all, he scored more than 30 films and stage productions during his long amongst them a psycholoical thrillernamed Maléfices . 1960 he decided to start his own electronical studio and started to work for musique concrète to evolve. His vision was that it would need to begin incorporating the electronic aesthetics pioneered in other areas of the world.

In 1973 the album Machine danse came out. Don’t know if it frequently got played at the disco… probably not, but I do know it’s too good to miss out on. Here’s one of the tracks; Danse Electromatic.

There is this particular tune that you always will come across no matter what music genre you roaming around. In this case it’s Louie Louie (yep, even in the musiqe concrete world!), once again interpreted in the tune ‘Psyché Rock‘. Here’s for some further digging into that.

Having clicked all the links and listened to the tunes you know what I’m talking about by now.  Ok , so it’s sort of a remix of Louie Louie whom then transformed into the wellknown Futurama theme composed by Christopher Tyng. Needless to say it’s now considered a remix of the original.

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