Build it up, tear it apart!

The new place

We woke up of a big BOOOOM the other night.  It turned out that the shelf with Sol’s studio monitors suddenly decided to let go of it’s grip and fall down with monitors and all over her new expensive lap-top, midi controllers, computer monitor and all the other gear. Earlier the same night we had just got most of Johannes’s gear set up in the new studio  (yes, we finally found a place so that we wont have to climb all over each other at home). It felt so unfair to stand all dazed and watch the wreck that used to be Sol’s gear while Johannes’s gear just been set up in a spacious new place.
When we woke up the next morning we started to clean up the mess, it turned out that we been lucky. All equipment still worked, even the monitors where ok despite the heavy fall. One of the monitors had a little bump, the other had cut a cable in half and Sol’s Buddha statue where in thousand pieces. We ignored the bump in the monitor( it still sounds the way it should), we soldered the wire and glued the thousand Buddha puzzle together. We’re back on track.

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