Beardyman and some Memo cassette

First you need to take a look at this video with Beardyman, cause it’s sick… He’s sick… Not only he got the technical skills to blow away the geekiest tech-heads, he’s funny too.


The way he approach real time beat-making and the way our project Memo Cassette creates our real time experimental modern electro acoustic compositions are really similar so we decided to share this Beardyman post with some Memo Cassette info. We’re playing at the Almedagsbiblioteket in Visby (Sweden) tomorrow at 21.00. It’s free and if we have a good day you should be there cause you will never hear something like it again, if we’re having a bad day… Well, bring ear plugs, just in case.

Article in the local press: 

Oh, almost forgot, Beardyman plays in Stockholm the 6:th of may. Here’s a link with the info:

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