Electronic Music Agenda

A lot of interesting music experiments and collaborations are happening in Sweden right now.

The most interesting thing that takes place as we speak, would be the GAS festival.
Göteborgs Art Sound Festival 5/5 -9/5
amongst others; Phil Nibblock , Dror Feiler , Paul Schu~tze and Simon Hopkins and Neo
check it out at

DN – one of the two major newspapers in here inSweden has asked musicians, composers, electronica artists and dj’s to remix their favourite piece of music from the collection ’25 classical masterpieces’ during the spring of 2010.
the result?
you can listen to it here


oh! …about the pic? you know.. it’s not like the sun shines AND Noisebud gets out before it gets dark again.
So it’s a pretty rare pic and I thought I’d share it

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