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You can say many things about Stockholm, both bad and good things; since I feel really good today I thought we go for some of the good stuff.

We have two very special places in Stockholm that’s all about audio, they’re both pretty amazing. They’re probably not the only one of its kind but you’d have to travel pretty far before you come across something like this.

First of is EMS:
From their own site: “What is EMS? Since 1964, EMS, Elektronmusikstudion, formerly known as Electroacoustic Music in Sweden, prior to that known as Elektronmusikstudion, is the Swedish national centre for electronic music and sound art.”

If you work with electro acoustic music or related audio art forms you can get access to the music studios at EMS. EMS is opened 24/7, you get your own key and the studios are rigorously equipped with all the gear you could possible need, and here comes the best part, all this at no cost at all. EMS (Elektronmusikstudion) is a state-funded studio for composing and mixing electro acoustic music.
Sol just finished mixing a multichannel piece (for at least 8 speakers) that will be played at the ‘Sound of Stockholm festival’ this Wednesday, 12:00 am.  How many of you have an 8 speaker array in your studio so you can accomplish that?

Sol mixing in studio 2 at EMS, Stockohlm

The venue where Sol’s piece will be played is the other amazing spot I thought worth mentioning in this post, Audiorama.

Audiorama’s one liner is ‘The venue for innovative drama, sound art and electro acoustic music’… I don’t know how to describe it better; it’s something as amazing as a site build only for the sole purpose of experience sound.


If you’re in Stockholm this Wednesday we hope we’ll see you at Audiorama at 12:00am. The concert is free of charge and you wont regret it.


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