Snippets of time

If you want to see a Kaurismäki flick with a happy ending, check out  “The Trumpet” and  “The Cello”. Inspired by the director Frank Herz’s movie “Ten minutes older“, the producer Nicolas McClintock invited 15 directors back in 2002 to make 10 minutes observations (or movies) that illustrated the millennium shift.
My favorite is Herzogs 10 minutes in “The Trumpet” but they’re all great short movies by some of the best directors in the world.

Here’s the original “Ten minutes older” by Frank Herz.


“If you are observant, if you look not only with your eyes, but also with your heart, the life, for sure, will present you with some particular discovery. Then, the reality recorded by you will gain the artistic value, become in line with art, and will always excite people. The facts and events can become old. They can become history. The feelings we felt regarding those events stay with us. Therefore, art is the only living bridge between people of various generations, between time periods.”

– Frank Herz

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