New look

As you might have noticed by now our blog have had a major makeover.

This blog’s been around since 2009 (feel free to have a look in the archives). Primarly we just post stuff we enjoy and updates about what we do. We  focus on different solo projects and on Noisebud. It’s all about electronic music, festivals, gadgets, art, sound and recording.

Not much on this site has really changed since the start. But sometimes you need a real makeover, so now we’ve a homepage dedicated to all Noisebud related content. It’ll take a day or two before it’s up and running properly.We’re still solving a few things. Meanwhile, feel free to browse the archive  and let us know if you miss something.

So, in the future  when you wanna listen to our music,or buy our music or merch, watch our videos,check out our next upcoming shows, download VST plugins or get a press kit, everything will be found over at at our new site in a few days. This blog will be running as usual though, operate as a blog while our home page is.. exactly that.. a home page.

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