Overslept a little this morning but had a good cup of coffee before it was time to start working on our tunes for the upcoming album. Everyone has their own way of working and collaborations is never as easy as it may have seemed in the beginning. First, you start talking about it, what you could do and that it’d be great (of course), maybe even get real excited. Then you go home, make a beat or something that you like and send it to your new associate. So far so good, but the tricky part comes next. Even though you talked about how your workflow would look like and what each one of you were suppose to do it may not at all look or feel so cool or chrystal clear as it did in your head when you talked about it in theory. Of course it differs for everyone and for Noisebud it took us at least a year just to learn to pick our fights.

Now, about 3 years later, we’re finally working on that album we talked about  and both wanted to do. The reason we decided to start Noisebud in the first place.  Also we’re really looking forward to play some gigs again so we’re about to go into rehearsing mode extra spicy! So when you think about it…  mornings like this feels extra good and uncomplicated.

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