Vintage Speaker


Sol is working with an ambisonic + mono piece called “In Memoria”, the mono thing will be a single speaker playing a monolog by a man so the speaker represent the man himself so to say. Sol wanted the speaker to be old or at least look old. We found these vintage speakers and bought them just because Sol liked the look of them (well, me too). The thing was that neither of us expected the speaker to actually sound good but both of us looked at each other when we tried it realising that this was a great set of speakers. After rebuilding them a little bit to fit in Sol’s piece I couldn’t resist to measure the frequency response, and even if I did the measure in our boomy living room with loads of standing waves the response is pretty impressive.


We’ll be using these as yet another great reference speaker, probably in Sol’s studio. Now we just need the time and the money to do the acoustic treatment. Our next EP will sound great!

One thought on “Vintage Speaker

  1. i like those vintage speakers, i am bit excited to see them and i wish that i could listen the melodiuos sound of them.

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