Gig of the year!

Ha, another of those misleading but intriguing headliners. This post is not about Noisebud but Johannes old Techno carrier as a member of the techno crew Smuts. Smuts core members, Johannes and Johan,  still play together but they keep it to one (or maybe two) gigs a year. The 2012 gig happened to take place in Västerås about two weeks ago at a friends birthday party and since Thony, the birthday boy, recorded the whole gig we thought it could be a good idea to share some of Johannes musical influences with you!

Warm up set

Harder set

Only a few days left before Noisebud start working with new material. puh, eternity has an end.

Johannes is putting his stuff in boxes and leaving for Visby in a couple of days. This means that Noisebud will start producing in less than a week. With a whole bunch of remixes on it’s way plus the upcoming new material it’s going to be a Noisebud Christmas. Merry Noisebud to you all!