Our ugly kid Bompa has grown to a respectful 2.0

Even if the sonic changes in 2.0 are small and the most significant new thing is two phase shifters we must say that Bompa has grown to something completely different. It started as a ugly thing that did ugly treatments on ugly drum loops. We didn’t use it that much ourselves, mostly friends and their friends.

A couple of months ago we started to receive emails from people who requested features and told us that they use it in their mastering process. They must be stupid, that poor ugly thing? Well, we had to try it and it actually had some usability in other ways than destroying drum loops. So we overhauled the graphics and trimmed the sonics just a little bit, we had the most fun with the new pressure meter, it’s a cutee! Enjoy!

Noisebud VST plugin Bompa 2.0

download Noisebud Bompa 2.0 – https://noisebud.se/noisebud/Noisebud_Bompa_2.0_Setup.exe

And check out our VST page for more freebies!


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