59 hours left on our Indiegogo campaign. We realized that we most probably won’t reach our funding goals (lol) but at least we hope to get enough to pay for the most important license, the Juce c++ library, we’re almost there… just need a little push over the edge.

Would you please give us the final push? =)

We’re more than halfway through the development of Midsider 2.0, donors get to try the alpha release no matter the perk or size of the donation, so jump on now to save some bucks on a couple of up and coming plugins and support three very lovely people in the process!!!

MIDI HACK (Stockholm)

We just woke up from a crazy weekend at MIDI HACK in Stockholm. We were there working on our new sequencer but got stuck on a MIDI overflow thing, it didn’t matter though since we where in the jury for Norbergfestival we didn’t compete for any of the prices and we’ll finish it anyways.
Out of about 60  teams  we fell for the project Dropworks by Lovisa Negga and Pär Carlsson, it had everything a good hack should have and they used it in a musical interesting way. 5 cans were dripping down on a circuit that send a MIDI message when the drop hit the circuit. Simple, elegant and a beautiful way trigger random MIDI messages.


Sol tweaking her knobs

Our hunt to make the computer more of an instrument than a static sound bank never ends. We constantly develop new tools and tweak our setup to be able to accomplish more in real-time, and finally Sol had a little time to test the most recent made tweaks on her setup for our side project Memo Cassette, since I didn’t had much to do I grabbed the camera. The video briefly show her setup and what she is able to do with it atm. It also shows our cat running away to find a more peaceful place to conduct her business.