Skyline 2.0 (beta) and Patreon


I’m writing to let you know that I created a Patreon site to make it possible for all of you to play a central role in the future development of my plugins. The reason is that my day job as a mastering engineer and life, in general, quickly fill up my schedule. I have almost had no time for my plugin development hobby for the past two years. Hopefully, Patreon will change that as I’ll know beforehand how much time I can spend developing every week. Yes, that means that a plugin may cost you a little extra (if you choose to stay for a while), but on the other hand, you’ll get to influence the outcome (both looks and features) and download every alpha, beta, and finished plugin that I post on the Patreon site. There will be a list of the available plugins on the Patreon front page, right now it consists of:

Skyline 2.0 Beta

Skyline 2.0 Beta

Existing plugins will be added weekly until they’re all there!

If you prefer to wait for the 100% finished, tested and, nicely packaged plugins, you’ll still be able to get them at the Noisebud webpage as soon as they’re ready.


Listen 3!

Our old friend Listen just got a 64bit sibling, Listen 3.

Listen 3 is a monitor control extender, it adds functions found in better monitor controllers and mastering consoles to your DAW, simple as that. Listen is made with touch screens in mind but you can use any MIDI control surface or other physical input devices, e.g Streamdeck if you want that tactile touch.

With Listen 3 you can:

  • Route the Left, Right, Sum, or Difference to both your monitors to easier detect clicks or other issues
  • Swap the Left and the Right channel
  • Dim -12dB
  • Filter your audio to hear just the low, mid, or high-end
  • See at what sample rate your current audio stream is at

Read more and get it here:

A simple, yet genius plugin like Listen 3 needs an awful-looking video so we did our best to create the worst-looking video we ever made, our videos are usually pretty bad so it wasn’t easy… But we think we did it!!! =)

Smile 3.5

It’s been a while! We’ve been busy building our new studio and fighting the pandemic (as most people) and haven’t had much time for plugin development. We’re slowly getting back to our old routine and start by updating our most appreciated plugin – Smile!
This update implements a feature that several users have asked for, to be able to adjust the shape and strength of the transients. In the video below, Johannes talks us through the changes and how to use the new controls:

Smile 3

And, yeah, it’s that other thing; PayPal isn’t working at the moment, it’s on their end so there’s not much we can do except wait for their response. Meanwhile, use a credit card. Sorry about that!