Steijing is a simple, yet powerful, plugin to control the balance between the left and right channel as well as between the mid and side-channel. It is Aimed at mastering where small adjustments are needed but can be useful in all kind of situations.

Ok, another pan or balance control… why?
What makes Steijing special is primary two things. First, its really made for mastering, that means small steps… You can increase or decrease the channels by max +-2dB. Second, the knobs have a higher resolution (especially the 32-bit version), so that you actually see what you do when changing the balance between the channels by -0.05dB. And, It’s also made to work well with touchscreens since they’re getting more and more common in mastering studios.
Its made in collaboration with Saintpid Mastering (

There’s no free version at the moment, sorry…

Windows 32 & 64 Bit


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