Listen 3!

Our old friend Listen just got a 64bit sibling, Listen 3.

Listen 3 is a monitor control extender, it adds functions found in better monitor controllers and mastering consoles to your DAW, simple as that. Listen is made with touch screens in mind but you can use any MIDI control surface or other physical input devices, e.g Streamdeck if you want that tactile touch.

With Listen 3 you can:

  • Route the Left, Right, Sum, or Difference to both your monitors to easier detect clicks or other issues
  • Swap the Left and the Right channel
  • Dim -12dB
  • Filter your audio to hear just the low, mid, or high-end
  • See at what sample rate your current audio stream is at

Read more and get it here:

A simple, yet genius plugin like Listen 3 needs an awful-looking video so we did our best to create the worst-looking video we ever made, our videos are usually pretty bad so it wasn’t easy… But we think we did it!!! =)

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