New plugins!

Here are two new, fresh and juicy plugins for all of you creative creatures out there!

First the fun one, SichEQ. SichEQ is a frequency side-chained dynamic equalizer. It’s made to have fun with but you can use it for de-essing or other traditional dynamic EQ tasks… But really, use TDR Nova or other less crazy plugins for those things and use SichEQ for the fun of it.¬†Here’s a track made using SichEQ on everything except the drums!

SichEQ come as a bonus item when you donate for the All Plugins Bundle.

You can read more (and watch some videos) about SichEQ here…


Steijing¬†is a plugin made to adjust the balance between the left and right channel while mastering, it’s also our first 64bit release.

Read more about it here!!!