We’re playing live at Grolsch Blockparty next week

We will do live versions of most of our releases for an 45 min set at Grolsch Blockparty next friday as electro buskers. We’ll play the same set twice, first at 8.00 pm and then another set at 10.00 pm. We share our busker spot together with Ebb who play ambient and melodic electropop. There will be another corner with more buskers, Cornelia, Colouroid and Cynthia Stern.

For more info visit the official site:


And here’s a direct link to the buskers:

Busker schedule:

Corner 1:
19.00 Ebb
20.00 Noisebud
21.00 Ebb
22.00 Noisebud

Corner 2:
19.30 Cornelia
20.30 Colouroid
21.30 Cornelia
22.30 Cynthia Stern


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