A new Noisebud plugin is on it’s way. WavDad is a spin off plugin from CatchDad, it’s not really unique in terms of a drum machine (or step sequenser based wave player) but if you like the xTimes tempo tweak in CatchDad, or if you use CatchDad live but would like to be able to add prerecorded material to your live set this little thing could become handy.

We midi map it with the same hardware buttons as CatchDad and just switch between the two with the volume knobs mapped to a hardware button on the Novation Launchpad (just map one button to both volume knobs in i e step sequenser A and use the reverse function in Ableton Live for one of the plugins).

WavDad will be released sometime in the coming weeks. You’ll probably be notified through KVR or Rekkerd!

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