One of our early beta stage plugins took a huge leap into a 1.0. This plugin converts audio signals (VU) into Midi CC’s so that you can use your Lemur, Behringer BCR2000, Novation Remote ZERO SL or any controller with alot of leds as a meter bridge. We made MidiVU since other plugins sent huge amount of MIDI data that made Ableton Live crash when we wanted to monitor more than 8 channels. Noisebud MidiVU send a minimal amount of data and still have descent monitoring and it doesn’t send anything at all if there’s no audio present.

News in the reworked beta 2 (Updated 15th of Januari):

  • Choose between VU, PEAK or PPM metering.
  • Reworked the midi filtering for better metering
  • Stereo version
  • Minor bug fixes, faulty setup file among other


The settings

  • MIDI ch – The MIDI channel that the plugin will send to. Some hosts (Ableton Live for example) ignore this.
  • CC – The MidiCC used to transmit the data.
  • xSpeed – Set the speed which the plugin should transmit data. It is a multiple by the projects tempo. At 120BPM a xSpeed value of 1 equals two transmission a second. At xSpeed 16 it equals 32 transmissions a second. Lower this if you notice any lag while using plenty instances of MIDIVU.
  • Meter – Switch between VU, PPM or Peak (the Headroom thing don’t work and will be removed soon)

To set it up in Ableton Live:

1. Put the MIDIVU plugin on the audio channel, bus or master that you would like to monitor.

2. Open MIDIVU and set MIDI channel and CC corresponding to the Channel and CC that you will use as a meter on your hardware MIDI controller.

2. Create a new MIDI track, click the ‘MIDI From‘ menu and choose the ableton live channel where you put the MIDIVU plugin.

3. Set the newly created MIDI track to Monitor ‘In’ (default is Auto) and click the ‘MIDI To‘ menu and choose your MIDI hardware (i e Behringer BCR2000).

4. Whatch’em leds lit up.


For Windows 32Bit hosts (or bridged in 64bit hosts)

There’s no free version ATM… Sorry…

Donate & Download

Good to know:

  • JOIN US ON PATREON FOR MORE PLUGINS AND AUDIO FUN: https://www.patreon.com/noisebud
  • Windows users: Our plugins depend on Microsoft Visual C++ 2015, you can get it here: Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable
  • By downloading any of our plugins you subscribe to our mailing list. You will be able to unsubscribe at any time either here or with an unsubscribe link in the e-mails.
  • Mac versions (if present) are still considered as test-builds, they seem to work perfectly but we’re still testing.
  • We currently don’t officially support OSX older than Catalina
  • You may have to bypass Apple Gatekeeper to use my plugins.
    There are two ways to do this:
    • In your DAW, hit ‘Cancel’ to the message, then open System Preferences/Security & Privacy, you should see the plugin mentioned at the bottom. Click ‘Allow Anyway’ to enable it.
    • Open Terminal. Type the following three commands, hitting ‘return’ in between.
      sudo spctl –master-disable
      auval -a
      sudo spctl –master-enable




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