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Evouyn is an attempt to make decisions about the low end in both mix and home mastering situations easier. It measure the correlation between frequencies in the spectrum and warn you if the amount of low end exceed what’s known to sound good. This is not a exact knowledge and the situations where Evouyn will give you a warning  even though the amount of low end is perfectly fine are many. Even so, in most music produced today the correlation between parts of the spectrum can be predicted and with the help of little math you can calculate the approximate percentage that most probably sound good.

Evouyn are developed in collaboration between Noisebud and Saintpid Mastering. The idea sprung from the fact that many mixes sent for mastering either lack or have a crazy amount of low end, in most cases because of poor monitoring and/or the lack of proper acoustic treatment (egg boxes will not do). When you try to master something where you have to cut or lower the low end by sometimes up to 7-9dB (the energy doubles every 3dB) you will change the whole feeling of the track and the mastering engineer pretty much have to guess what you’re after. With a balanced mix you’re in for less of a surprise when the track return from the mastering house.


 READ THE MANUAL, but if you not that kind’a’gal here’s the quick fix

  • Choose a good mastered reference track similar to yours and set a loop at it’s most intense part (i e the refrain), see what it measures
  • Do the same with your track and mix or master it to a match your reference
  • When the green Average led lits up: If the big Average square light thing is all red and the warning led is lit you probably have too much low end, BUT it all depend on your material. For example, Instrumental music often have a higher percent of low end then tracks with vocals due to the fact that vocals often are mixed quite loud.

Thanks to:

All the Beta testers and the mastering forum
Christian-W Budde for his delaymodules (used while calculate the average)
Daz Disley for his VSORT24 module (used while calculate the average)
Kelly Lynch for the genius conversion modules (used everywhere)
Rob Herder for his Threshold module (used to detect signal)
Peter Schoffhauzer for the Do_Nothing module
Rurick Leffanta for his count3 and Gate Switch
Scoofy for the stereo level adjust module

We hope we haven’t forgot anyone and if we did we’re still grateful even if your name ain’t listed yet!


For Windows 32Bit hosts (or bridged in 64bit hosts)

No Free version ATM… Sorry…

Donate and download the latest version 1.6 

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    • Open Terminal. Type the following three commands, hitting ‘return’ in between.
      sudo spctl –master-disable
      auval -a
      sudo spctl –master-enable


Changelog 1.01 – 1.6

  • We fine tuned the math, better detection algorithms
  • We made it possible to set the time in which between the Average will be calculated to 1-40 seconds
  • We added a red bar that displays the time so you have something to watch while waiting for the Average calculation
  • About 100 minor bug fixes and improvements
  • Added a handful of visual references for educational purposes
  • Fixed a bug related to 64bit hosts while bridging

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