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CatchDad is the second Noisebud plugin created strictly for live situations, the first being StepDad where you can add a step sequenced ADSR filter/amplitude curve to any sound going through the plugin.

With CatchDad you can catch 4 different sounds with just the click of a button and instantly start to program rhythms with the built in step sequensers. The plugin is capable of building advanced rhythmic patterns with the different sequencer speed settings. It’s basic functionality is pretty straightforward, you’ll be droppin’ beats within 20 minutes. Just send any sound, live or prerecorded through the plugin, press Record and you’re on your way!

Here’s a clip where Johannes plays with a Beta version of CatchDad, we’ll make a tutorial and a bit more inspiring video as soon we can find the time.

-Noisebud CatchDad is delivered with Computer Music issue #170


Donate & Download version 2.0

New in version 2.0:

  • Auto record. You can now set CatchDad to record automatically in i e the beginning of every bar, or end… or middle…
  • The pitch is now adjustable between 12 tone equal temperament and free
  • 128 User presets added that are accessible through MIDI program change. If you change a user preset and store your song/project, your host should store all 128 presets with you project. So there is no store button.
  • The interface takes less space so it fits on lo-res laptop screens.

Good to know:

  • Windows users: Our plugins depend on Microsoft Visual C++ 2015, you can get it here: Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable
  • By downloading any of our plugins you subscribe to our mailing list. You will be able to unsubscribe at any time either here or with an unsubscribe link in the e-mails.
  • Mac versions (if present) are still considered as test-builds, they seem to work perfectly but we’re still testing.
  • We currently don’t officially support OSX older than Catalina
  • You may have to bypass Apple Gatekeeper to use my plugins.
    There are two ways to do this:
    • In your DAW, hit ‘Cancel’ to the message, then open System Preferences/Security & Privacy, you should see the plugin mentioned at the bottom. Click ‘Allow Anyway’ to enable it.
    • Open Terminal. Type the following three commands, hitting ‘return’ in between.
      sudo spctl –master-disable
      auval -a
      sudo spctl –master-enable


Thanks to all who contributed to the CatchDad project:
Jeff McClintock for Synthedit
David Haupt for the SampleSnatcher module
Peter Schoffhauzer for the SC:Leveladjust module
KDLynch for the DSP2GUI modules
Michael Peters for his development ideas (The auto-rec function, tempered pitch, scale-able step length, multiple outputs and the extra push needed to implement the random function)

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