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Do you need another VSTi? OH HELL YES!

Version 2 of our angry old fart is out and he’s still mad as hell!

Burt are built around a traditional chain of subtractive synthesis but Instead of the traditional way with a nice and clean signal chain Burt adds distortion or exaggerate the signal in every step of the signal path. So even if you start off with a clean sine wave you might end up with something completely different and might even not hear any difference if you change to a saw or square. But be sure of one thing; it will sound like no other synth you heard before!
Call it waveshaping or oscillation by distortion if you like… We call it Burt!

News in 2.0:

Free version:

  • New limiter that will save your ears and monitors.
  • Fake Stereo (similar to our pHaase plugin).
  • 2 different trigger modes for the VCA and VCF.
  • a Trillion bugfixes.

Donation version:

  • Same as free plus…
  • Control the LFO amount with the Modulation Wheel.
  • Control the LFO speed with the Modulation Wheel.
  • 5 Additional seasoning distortion algorithms.

Here’s two demos, one quick dubstep production and one clean:



Mattias Fridell:

-“The first thing that struck me was the raw and aggressive look, which of course appealed to me immediately! After about 15 minutes I realized its enormous potential in the heavy and gritty bass line department. But Burt is not restricted to creating gritty bass lines; its also perfect for hypnotic mono lines a couple of octaves up thanks to the exceptional portamento and LFO.”

Daniel östlund:

-: No comment yet :-

Tracks where Burt is used:



For Windows 32Bit hosts (or bridged in 64bit hosts)


Good to know:

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      sudo spctl –master-disable
      auval -a
      sudo spctl –master-enable

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  1. We won’t be able to port Burt as is, but we do plan a similar bit Synth based on the same philosophy!

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