Bipro just got a major update, you don’t want to miss this

The plugin that we saw as a joke has proven itself to be one of the most useful plugins we ever made. Bipro 2.0 provide you with all the mastering tools you need to control frequencies below 50Hz (except perhaps a limiter). It’s best used before any type of compression or limiting while mastering but as usual with audio, use it where you think it sounds the best.
It can both be as transparent as it gets or leave both pleasant and unpleasant artifacts when pushed hard. We built it to work best at moderate settings but can be amazing  as a sculpting tool to add punsch or add phase shifting artifacts into the mix.


screenOur mastering compressor Slow got an overwhelming welcome and we’re very proud. We’re currently working on version 1.1 where we’re going to add an HP side-chain filter and change the behavior of the Pre-Gain so that you can use it while mixing as well as mastering.

Both features are based on user feedback. We made Slow for mastering and therefor we only tested it in mastering situations. Our users on the other hand, they throw it in to the mixing stage right away and didn’t care at all why and what we made it for. And we’re glad; slow work extremely well while mixing too. After we got positive user feedback we immediately tried it on drums, vocals, overheads and pretty much everything… It worked everywhere, most of the time we preferred Slow over classic compressors. Wow, I guess we didn’t know what a beast we created.

Thanks for all the feedback and improvement suggestions, we probably have the best user base in the whole world!

If you wonder how you get hold of updates when you paid for an earlier version… Just email us, we answer within 24H in most cases. If we’re not on vacation… But that does not happen that often. =)


Check out Slow!


59 hours left on our Indiegogo campaign. We realized that we most probably won’t reach our funding goals (lol) but at least we hope to get enough to pay for the most important license, the Juce c++ library, we’re almost there… just need a little push over the edge.

Would you please give us the final push? =)

We’re more than halfway through the development of Midsider 2.0, donors get to try the alpha release no matter the perk or size of the donation, so jump on now to save some bucks on a couple of up and coming plugins and support three very lovely people in the process!!!