Skyline update 1.52

We updated Skyline to 1.52. It’s a minor update and if your plugin works as you expect there’s probably not enough reason to update.

The update addresses a problem when the plugin is inserted as an ItemFX or ClipFX in hosts such as Reaper or Wavelab. It would produce a short pop or click as soon as the clip starts to play. The new version is also slightly more CPU efficient.

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Leaky2 has been around for a few weeks but we didn’t hit the big official launch button until yesterday since we wanted some things in place before we went ahead. But now it’s here and according to us, it’s the best, most unique plugin from us to date. We kept adding things to make it work the way we wanted and in the end, all those tweaks and addons made the plugin usable in so many more ways than we intended. It’s the best tool we know of to handle phase cancelation problems (if not the only) but it’s also almost magical when you use it to enhance the stereo image. It can widen and add to the perceived loudness in a so natural-sounding way that it has ended up in almost every mastering session since the first beta versions.

Extended periods

In our efforts to be fair and open about our donation system we’ve changed (extended) the period within you have the right to free updates and downloads. From now on you have 12 months free updates for single products and if you donated for the bundle you’ll have the same 12 months of free updates AND you’ll get every new plugin that we launch within that period. Bug fixes will always be free no matter when you donated to support the development of a product.

This applies to all donations, new and old. That means that you may get occasional download links in your inbox with fresh downloads even if you haven’t asked for it. If you expect to get new links but haven’t, use this form to request your links:

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