One step forward, two steps back…

The American Congress finally dropped the stupid DADT rule which made people hired to kill other people lie about their sexuality. The rule didn’t change anything since gay U.S military always kept their mouth shut since they’d be kicked out if they didn’t. From now on we hope to see more lipstick on U.S professional  killers. One step forward, you go girl (think Obama!).

The Swedish government want to control what the Swedish public service television/radio are broadcasting. They say that it is because Public Service compete with commercial stations and the commercial stations don’t really have a chance since Public Service has more $. You can question the Swedish Public Service system since you have to pay just if you own a TV set and that fee is higher then any commercial station subscription fee, but is censorship really a good solution? Maybe change the fee would do the trick? Bad Mr. Reinfeldt.

Reinfeldt humpin’ the swedish people in a cheeky kind of way!

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