Noisebud CatchDad 1.0 – Get it while it’s hot

Once in a while you need a plugin that doesn’t seem to exist so you just have to go and create it by yourself, right? While working with our side project Memo Cassette we needed a step sequencer with a built in real time sample function, so we created CatchDad.

Put it on a channel (or return track) in ableton live (or any other VST host that send time signals). Activate live monitoring if you like to record live sounds or run a loop trough CatchDad and start program beats on the fly, or you could use loops as sound banks to change sound as you go or catch a live drummer and start to rearrange what he’s playing in real time or just add hits here and there… Go creative, the possibilities are endless.

Get it here!

4 thoughts on “Noisebud CatchDad 1.0 – Get it while it’s hot

  1. We agree, it’s a bit too big and you should be able to clear the buffers. Right now we set the record sense to ‘0’ and record silence to clear the buffer, a button would be easier no doubt. We’ll see if we can implement that in the next version.

  2. Awesome plugin….just ate an hour of my life up just like that…needs a way, or a more obvious way, to clear a sample from a slot I could not figure it out if it is there), and is a little too big for my laptop screen (1280×800)…I cannot quite get to the ADS knobs on slot d…maybe sequencer buttons could be smaller? Running in bidule, which uses a small amount of real estate at top of vst window…

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