New song added to “No Maps For These Territories”

We added another track to our mixed projects album “No Maps For These Territories”. This time it’s our remix of Materias “Omnicom” that made it into the spotlight.

The idea behind the album is simple, better have it out there for people to enjoy than rotten on a hard drive; and people actually enjoy it, It’s our most downloaded album! We didn’t plan that, we thought it would be fun for our most fanatic fans but not our most popular album. Because of the fuzz we asked our photographer and designer, Peo Bengtsson, to put together a real cover  and we’ll also try to clear the rights for our first track that we made as Noisebud. We’re waiting for a response from Mote Evolver who holds the rights so hopefully we’ll be able to add our remix of Luke Slaters “Head Converter” to the album. Wish us luck on that one!

Check it out!

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